Monday the 4th of June 2018. The day woke up cloudy and it was likely to rain, but we ignored it.  Sometimes you have this small feeling that everything is going to go well and that luck will be on your side, and that is exactly what happened.

La Garriga de Castrelladal has dreamy outdoors and Catering Sensacions’s team worked against all odds to assemble what Nadine and Richard had described to us as “the day of their dreams”.

The ceremony took place in the middle of the woods under a grove that reached the sky, the cocktail was set on the “Era” overlooking Montserrat, and all the imperial tables at dinner were presided over by a large curtain of leds that further illuminated this fairy tale.

The couple chose a traditional menu that represented the local cuisine, a family-style dinner with tapas to share and an exceptional barbecue that was cooked in front of the guests. Still, as good Irish, they did not neglect to order industrial quantities of beer. The party had no limits and was accompanied by a band that flew expressly from Ireland. The guests spent 5 hours dancing doing honor to their good fame.

Below you will find a a summary of the day, and a compilation of beautiful pictures taken by Swingyourpics, even though these couple already had an integrated beauty!

Josep, I cannot thank you all enough! Thank you for taking the risk and time to set up in the rain to give me the dayof my dreams. The food and service was flawless, you all worked to a level of absolute perfection. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Nadine X


Venue: Masia La Garriga

Catering: Sensacions

Flowers: Mireia Abras